Funniest and Cutest French Bulldog Puppies
  • 02.02.2023
  • 333

Words cannot express how cute these puppies are.

Meet Dermot Mulroney’s 22-Year-Old Chihuahua!
  • 01.02.2023
  • 378

Maverick was rescued at age 3 (or 4) and is now 22! The secret? True love.

How clever are French Bulldogs? 17 Cute Dog Tricks
  • 21.01.2023
  • 3016

Griffin and Haru are two clever French Bulldogs. Watch today's video to find out which 17 tricks they know, this isn't all of them though just a few of their favorites. Some tricks Griffin loves doing, some tricks Haru loves doing and some they both love doing. I train them in accordance to what they feel comfortable with and enjoy doing. Hope you enjoy!

This puppy just needs a lot of love and tenderizing.
  • 14.01.2023
  • 2303

Theres a cuteness aboit them. On the other hand, the way their faces are so very smashed in & crushed; they look fairly miserable - like it's hard to chew food, swallow, or even breathe. Poor animals.

Hero German shepherd saves 6-year-old boy from attack by neighbor’s dog | New York Post
  • 12.01.2023
  • 988

Dramatic footage has emerged of a modern-day Lassie saving its owners’ 6-year-old son from being attacked by a neighbor’s dog charging straight toward him.

French Bulldog enjoys the company of two baby ducks
  • 11.01.2023
  • 499

This is Lacey Jane who has now become the duck guardian. Cuteness overload! @laceythefrenchie

Funny English Bulldog playing with babies | Dog loves Baby Compilation
  • 10.01.2023
  • 613

I absolutely love my English bulldogs, but mine are like “bulldogs in a China shop!” They don’t realize their own size and bulldozing strength, so I watch them closely around my grandkids for sure, especially when they are being playfully silly, which is most of the time!! ❤️🐶❤️

Tiny Chihuahua Tries To Act Like A Big Dog
  • 09.01.2023
  • 769

This tiny chihuahua in the US attempts to act like a big dog while standing up for herself. Daniel Alexander gave both 18-month-old Chihuahua Twinkie and two-year-old Cane Corso Stella treats to enjoy, but Stella decided that she wanted both treats for herself. In response, Twinkie tried to stand up for herself against the larger dog, but it looks like she got a little too bold as she was doing so. Daniel said: "Everyone was okay after - the chihuahua mostly had its feelings hurt is all. *Please contact for media / licensing / broadcast usage* SUBMIT A VIDEO: Connect with Caters: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Instagram: Company Information: Caters Clips is owned and operated by Caters News Agency Ltd, an international multimedia content provider. We supply news, picture, video and feature stories to the world’s largest media publishers. All videos aired on this channel have been licensed from their rightful owners.

The Truth About French Bulldogs
  • 07.01.2023
  • 478

Harus face in the beginning " Here she goes with the balloon butt joke again!!!! Mom's being corny but I love her too much to tell her. Let her have her fun" 😂😂😂😂

Beagle And Bunny Are Basically Sisters | The Dodo
  • 05.01.2023
  • 836

Watch Chloe the beagle bring her bunny sister, Rue, toys! Chloe and Rue have such an amazing bond, they even like to play in the snow together and go on joint walks!

Top 10 French Bulldogs and Tricks
  • 03.01.2023
  • 979

French Bulldogs love to play. Jumping, talking and problem solving ... French Bulldogs like nothing better than to have fun.

Dogs VS Giant Jenga Maze | Obstacle Challenge
  • 02.01.2023
  • 909

We bought some giant jenga and build maze for our dogs! Watch Griffin and Haru react to this giant jenga obstacle challenge.

How Much Do Bulldogs Really Snore?
  • 01.01.2023
  • 1165

It's almost a given that most, if not all, bulldogs are snorers. While breathing issues can be a problem for some (and they can be significant along with other breed-specific ones), many have a long and happy life without problems.... other than the racket they make sawing logs. Reuben the Bulldog gives a perfect example that once you get a comfy sleeping position, it doesn't matter how many decibels you're putting out; you just want to dream about chasing chickens. Here's a brief nap where the quiet parts have been left out so you can hear him in all his glory.

French bulldog thanks me | I fixed his snow suit
  • 27.12.2022
  • 1636

Oleg makes me laugh! He fell flat on his face in the snow, then he pulled the boxes on top of himself 😄😄. Dimitri, your filming is fantastic, I love how the colours are so clear and crisp. A man of many talents, sewing, cooking, and filming as well as lots of love for Oleg 😍😍

Merry Christmas Griffin, Haru and Sienna and Mother and Father!
  • 27.12.2022
  • 639

Your family really is the best thing a dog could ever get for Christmas 🎄 ❤️

Frenchie Gets A Frenchie | 5 Years Of Friendship in 4 Minutes
  • 25.12.2022
  • 546

Hope you enjoy our 5 years of dog friendship in 4 minutes. From when Griffin first met Haru as a puppy to how they became best friends. You may need a tissue for all this cuteness!

30 Times Animals Behaved Better Than Humans !
  • 24.12.2022
  • 875

I am having a really difficult time trying to decide which one of these animals is the most awesome. I love the cat signing for food but the little dog going in circles because he cannot choose whether to follow mom or dad is precious but the turtles coming together to turn the turtle who was upside down back right side up is amazing and the friendship between the cow and the dog is very touching. I just can't decide. They are all awesome.

Which Will She Choose? French Bulldog Tries What’s In The Box Challenge
  • 23.12.2022
  • 481

Today Haru the French Bullodg tries the What's In the Box Challenge, she has the choice of two mystery boxes but can only choose one by ringing her bell. Its a risky taste test! What will she choose? What's In the box????

Funny and Cute French Bulldog Puppies Compilation - Cutest French Bulldog
  • 19.12.2022
  • 1556

Funny and Cute French Bulldog Puppies Compilation #2 - Cutest French Bulldog

Tiny chihuahua puppy adorably teases sleepy American bulldog
  • 16.12.2022
  • 1256

This is way too cute! Watch as a tiny chihuahua plays around with a sleeping bulldog.

Why My French Bulldogs Would NOT Survive In The Wild
  • 14.12.2022
  • 567

Why my dogs would never ever survive in the wild. We have 2 French Bulldogs and there is one thing for sure Griffin and Haru would not survive in the wild. Watch todays funny cute French Bulldog video with our baby sister Sienna Lee, and see why we would definitely never survive in the wild. If you own a French Bulldog I'm sure you will agree that these dogs are not meant to live in the wild, instead they are meant to snuggle up with their humans while snoring loudly. Hope you enjoy today's funny dog video! Watch till the end for a laugh.

From Angry Tantrum Dog To Good Boy
  • 14.12.2022
  • 657

Griffin truly hates getting his nails trimmed, he usually gets angry and sometimes throws a tantrum. It's really not easy cutting our dog's nails, Griffin hates it. We have always struggled to trim his nails, but I'm happy to share with you a nail trimming hack that really works and that Grif enjoyed and was not stressed and we were not stressed either. Watch till the end to see our best dog nail trimming hack!

When Mom Uses the F Word...
  • 12.12.2022
  • 1246

I don’t care what’s on the menu, Allen needs to stop bothering me and DID YOU JUST USE THE F WORD, Mom?

French bulldog tries Yoghurt for the first time
  • 11.12.2022
  • 716

Healthy diet for a bulldog

Chihuahua Puppy Barks At Bigger Dog
  • 08.12.2022
  • 981

This plucky little pooch definitely has a bark worse than his bite, angrily yapping at a much bigger dog. The young chihuahua had just arrived at the house when he noticed the older dog standing in the living room. The puppy, named Rooney, barked angrily at the Aspin, named Man U, at the house in Bangkok, Thailand, last Wednesday (21/08). OwnerSiriwan Jaiwung, 23,who is a Manchester United fan, said: ''He might be small but he's definitely brave.''

Yorkie Keeps 3-Year-Old Safe After Getting Lost in Missouri Cornfield Overnight
  • 06.12.2022
  • 1125

A mom called 911 after her daughter wandered into a massive cornfield. Timberlyn Merritt is a busy stay-at-home mom. Her three-year-old daughter, Remy, is always on the go, and her one-year-old Yorkie is never far behind. Merritt says she left Remy on the swing set for just a minute and when she came back out, Remy was gone, and so was their dog Heath. More than 100 people joined in the search, combing through the 8-foot high corn stalks. But Remy was not alone. Heath never left her side. #InsideEdition

Little Chihuahua protects and takes care Baby | Dog is the best nanny of Baby
  • 05.12.2022
  • 12802

I will never understand how people do hurt dogs... or even kill and eat them. Dogs are not only animals, they can feel your emotions. They do understand, love and protect you. I think dogs are wonderful creatures ❤️

French Bulldog Puppy Excited When Daddy Gets Home
  • 03.12.2022
  • 6303

Remy gets so excited when Jason gets home, he can barely contain himself.

French bulldog received a package from Europe
  • 02.12.2022
  • 942

His bounding run!!! SO CUTE!!!!! 🤣😘🐕❤💝

Wrinkly Bulldog Puppy Howls! SO DARN CUTE!
  • 01.12.2022
  • 876

Dear Lord that’s the sweetest thing I ever saw!!! I want one now!!